Child of war

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Unsere Gastautorin Sladana Coulibaly hat ein Gedicht geschrieben. Über Kinder, die den Krieg widerfahren haben, über ihre ungehörten Stimmen, das Nichtsehen ihrer Leiden. Die Zeilen kommen dabei umso besser zur Geltung, wenn Du sie laut vorliest.


Unheard are the voices of children of war

unseen is the struggle of children of war

unaccepted are the children of war

excluded, prejudiced against, judged over

a child of war.


The tears they cried and the pain they felt

reduced to religion, skin color, region –

like prisoners they are being held

they are not being allowed to cross the boarder/s

the boarders to better life; the boarders to secure environment; the boarders to a stable society;

to have real leaders who would –

if they could – be the head of a state which can provide for its citizens.

The head of nations who converge to keep the peace as a priority rather than victimize their folks for other peoples needs for other leaders

who are just about the money, the oil, the gold, the dollar; a currency of death – a currency of blood – its bloodmoney and paid with lives.

Blood flows for money-stock market flows – currency exchange – stock markets blow –

keep it high – just there where a few need it to be –

keep it high – and millions die – trying to live; well keep it high.


The children of war can tell you what its like to lose their beloved ones

the children of war know what it means: everything is gone

the children of war can show you their scars of pain

the children of war are fighting the fight for freedom but invane.

They are just like mirrors of society

if you would only try to see

look into their eyes – come on – why are you afraid – look at them – with all your properties,

with all your money, with all your cars – look at them pure and honestly

look at them – but you CANT!

look at them – but you CANT!

You know the truth hurts –

and mirror mirror on the wall – who is the winner and who’s the one to fall?

By then you know you lost your dignity because the child of war will tell you what you did.

Every day you let it happen – every day you ignored their scream for help – every day you faced a different reality and forgot to be real –

threw them out quit on them no hospitality – the children of war – and so you did.

Because it was easier to close your eyes on the children of war;

easier for you not to see them – easier not to bother – it was easier to do you than to help a sister or brother –

a child of war – that dies before it lives.

As it passes all these struggles of life – passes the desert of Sahara – passes the land of Libya –

crosses the Mediterranean Sea for „better life“- still a child of war – and risks to die for exchange

„to live“- it finds no peace.

Not here, not there, not on the journey to a better – not at home – not anywhere!


ASK Why!? – Because you make the law – I am me and hes or shes just a child of  war –

SO exclusion is the new so called „integration into the system“ – children of war.

Because comfort zone of one matters more than million of humans lives.

And anyhow we prefer our personal needs to the whole universe. – so what- its just a child of war – right!?

Those mustn’t be here – those mustn’t be helped – those mustn’t be seen – heard or even be loved.

The child of war – they must not be loved – children of war.


a child of war.


SLADA MC (Sladana Coulibaly)

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