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We’re starting work on our next issue! The 11th issue of Gschichtldruckerei in print will focus on Power and Resistance. And this round we would be glad to include external contributions in English! So please send us your ideas for articles, photos, poems, drawings and any or every other product of your creativity.

This issue focuses on Power and Resistance. Articles could focus on the fabrics of power and forms of resistance in an historical or current context. They can be a format to voice ones outrage about state and authority or even (the lack of) resistance. We have a clear vision to represent women* in resistance. We are looking for anecdotes on protests such as Unibrennt and Do and your knowledge of the role technology, language and police violence play in the context of power and resistance worldwide. We do not put boundaries on your creativity so get out your quill and send us your ideas!

It is important to us, that our magazine includes diverse forms of content. We strive to have a mix of classical journalistic articles (reports, analysis and commentary), artistic pieces (photo series, poems, short stories), utopian dreams, DIY instructions, personal experiences, polemical pamphlets and any other format you can print on a piece of paper. So when you send us your idea please include us much detail as possible on how you envision your contribution.

The deadline for ideas and concepts for this issue is the noon on the 20th of November via e-Mail to . We will contact everyone who send us their ideas by the 24th and expect the finished product by the 8th of December after which there will be ample time for any necessary corrections. We have included a short FAQ but please feel free to contact us any time.


  • Is this issue going to be in English?

No, and because a lot of our readers don’t speak English we unfortunately have to limit the number of contributions in English we can print. Because variety is important to us, we want to open the magazine to articles in other languages especially considering that the current issue focuses also on international issues.

  • Why do I have to send my idea first?

We love it when an issue of our magazine presents a complete and varied picture. We want neither a random collection of whatever people felt like sending us nor do we want a magazine composed of the same kind of article 20 times over. ThereforeTherefore, we put a lot of emphasis on picking contributions of which we have a clear picture of what they will look like and how they may fit into the whole picture. So we ask you to provide us much detail about style, subject and length as possible. We neither discriminate or favor either internal or external authors.

  • How long should a contribution be?

Usually articles vary between one and four pages in length, most have two and, in the past, very few have had more than four. The number of pages and illustrations limit the number of characters possible, when writing a good number to keep in mind is 3000 characters including spaces for a one-page article and 6500 for a two page article. Anything more makes the layout either incredible difficult or impossible. We ask authors to have an idea early on how they want their contribution to look when it’s finished and love for them to provide their own photos, illustrations and other impulses, but are also happy to organize this.

  • How about gendersensitive language?

In German language articles we use the *, eg. Arbeiter*innen, Staatsbürger*innen. In English we ask you to use “they” and to use gender neutral terms (eg. firefighters instead of firemen, bartender instead of barmaid, flight attendant instead of stewardess).

  • There are sections, right?

So, you have looked at our magazine already J Your contribution should fit roughly into one of the following categories:

Empört Euch! roughly translates to be indignant! It’s the place for emotional piece and commentary. 

Kreaktiv is composed of the German words for creativity and activity. It’s the place to translate ideas into reality or even to play with fire.

Klartext as a word is the concept of speaking directly and honestly. It’s the place to talk about real stories and explaining the world from your point of view. Here we expect you to make sure your articles are fact-based, including links to sources [S1] 

Werkstatt means workshop and is the place of DIY both in the form of instructions and reports on achievements by either yourself or others.

Utopie means utopia and is the place for dreams and visions.

Kunst “simply” means art and our readers love to be wowed.

  • I have a real cool piece or idea but it has nothing to do with the current issues focus?

Apart from publishing our magazine twice a year we are also active on the web. There is our webpage, accounts on social media and a podcast. We are always happy to look at stuff you send us or to help you realize your ideas on these channels.

Yours, Gschichtldruckerei


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